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Tippy's Tail.


Welcome to Tippy's where we are proud to offer unique teas, locally roasted coffee, amazing baked goods and a tail wagging experience. Tippy's is named in honor of our beloved family member and pup, Tippy, who was taken from us far too soon. Tippy brought so much happiness into our lives which is something we hope to bring to all those who come to Tippy's. As it is very close to our hearts, we have dedicated a corner of our shop to finding  rescues like Tippy their forever homes! Whether you're coming for a cup or a pup, we hope to see you soon. 

an old take on the new tea & coffee house

Back To Basics.

While we applaud anyone making great tea and coffee, the personal connection that once defined a local tea & coffee shop is fleeting. You won't find white subway tiles or denim aprons on our baristas, but rather a meeting place for tea & coffee lovers to momentarily escape the daily grind and connect with one another. This is not a tea & coffee shop, this is our tea & coffee home.  

Lavender Tea
They way we believe it should be done.

Starting From Scratch.

We only use pure ingredients in our drinks and baked goods, with names you can pronounce. While the flavors you taste may differ from those you get at other places, they occur in nature, not in a lab. We're always experimenting with new things, offering unique items to our menu daily. We are mindful that variety is the spice of life and that the classics are just that, classics. Come join us for something new or something familiar.

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